Designed for TOFD or Phased Array control in the marine industry, it can pass over an 80 mm wide weld without any problem. It is equipped with powerful magnetic wheels and integrates the displacement encoder, a force recovery for cables and water circulation (coupling). The Runner Atlantic also has a slot for a TOFD preamplifier.

ReferenceRunner Atlantic
ApplicationsUT Control – TOFD – Phased Array
PCS max20 cm
Wheel center distance8cm
Passing height15 mm
Built-in encoderYes (4 point form)
Water circulationYes
Magnetic wheelsYes
Support rail compatibilityTOFD/Phased Array probe holder, Laser pointer
Safety ring (rope access)Yes
Compatible with any US systemYes
Weight1,8 kg
Integrated preamplifierYes on option
Umbilical (US, encoder and water)Yes on option