Mistras completes its Ultrasound range with a 2 channel Remote Pulser. This system allows to repeat the Ultrasound shooting according to an initial pulser in order to get rid of the signal attenuation .

It simply connects to the output of your ultrasonic generator and can work in Echo mode with 40 dB of gain. Its bandwidth (300 kHz- 40 MHz) allows to cover the majority of the applications of non-destructive testing by ultrasound.

System nameRemote Pulser RP-40/2
Number of channels2
Input amplitude50-150 V (negative square)
Output amplitude180V (negative square)
Work modeEcho or Transmission
Width of emissionAccording to Initial Generator
Receiving gain (factory setting)40 dB
Bandwidth (-3dB)300 kHz – 40 MHz
Power supply12V – 0,8 A
User ManualMU 039 – Remote Pulser
Applications: use of long cable lengths, TOFD, attenuating material...