Immersion Tanks

MISTRAS offers a complete and scalable range of immersion control systems, adapted to customer needs.
The ULTRAPAC™ range includes standard, small and medium-sized installations, meeting the majority of market demands. We are also able to adapt to specific applications and build systems to specifications.

Our customers have the possibility of upgrading their installation by adding additional mechanical axes, new types of generators or new software functions over the years.
Our range of products combined with our experience allow us to offer an upgrade service to old MISTRAS or other competitors . Reduce your expenses by using our teams to boost your installations, by choosing the options adapted to your needs and your budget.

Standard scan dimensions :

  • UPK-T10 : 250 x 250 x 250 mm
  • UPK-T18 : 250 x 250 x 375 mm
  • UPK-T24 : 600 x 450 x 300 mm
  • UPK-T36 : 900 x 600 x 450 mm
The ULTRAPAC™ line is the right compromise between performance, quality and price
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The customer's needs do not always fit into the characteristics of the standard range.
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MISTRAS offers to restart old ON/OFF Line installations
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Diameter 350 mm - acceptable weight 90 kg.
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900 mm diameter - acceptable weight 300 kg
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2-axis manual manipulator for Immersion sensor
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