110-LAN System

This module can be controlled via an Ethernet connection and can therefore be placed several tens of meters from the control PC, making it usable on an inspection robot, motorized arm, crawler...

Référence manuel utilisateur : MU-013-110LAN


Generals information
UT channel1 channel (P/R & T/T mode)
CommunicationRJ45 (10 -100 -1000 Base-T)
Ultrasonic portLemo 00
OSWindows, Linux
SoftwaresEuroscan V, UTWIN and library (DLL)
Size136 x 73 x 32.5 mm
Weight300 g
SupportSupport plate/Rail DIN (optional)
Power supply110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz – POE module possible
TypeNegative square pulse
Impedance50 ohms
PRF10 Hz to 10 kHz
Voltage35 to 281 V
Width20 to 400 ns (5 ns resolution)
Input impedance50 ohms
Bandwidth0.6 – 20.5 MHz (-3dB)
Amplification0 to 88 dB
Averaging (hard)Yes
Digitalization25 / 50 /100 MHz – 12 bits
GatesYes (synchronisable)
For more informations, please contact Mistras Eurosonic Team.