To carry out a remote Ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing with UTC110

Only one free USB port is needed to install our UTC 110 Ultrasound module on any type of computer (Windows) and allow the teacher to share his screen via ZOOM, TEAMS... The trainer follows the operating mode in class while the student, at home, sees the US signal with the Euroscan V software. The student can also take control of Euroscan V for the US settings, time base, choice of views (A B or C-scan) or acquisition parameters...

The use of a webcam on the TP area (wedge, sensors, QS welding, composite plate...) effectively completes the work session.

The attached photo shows a view of a PT area just before the remote course started.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any remote demonstration!

The Mistras Eurosonic team.

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