AMP Pulser 1 Side Mistras Eurosonic


Mistras Group SAS completes its Ultrasonics range with a system that allows for the amplification of signals at the emission of the Ultrasonic shot instead of amplifying the reception.

The AMP-Pulser/1 module is an Ultrasonic signal amplifier that converts any 2Vpp signal into a 200Vpp signal within a bandwidth of 1kHz – 250kHz.

It therefore offers the possibility of having a high-voltage arbitrary transmitter with a simple function generator.

This system can be used in Low-Frequency Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing, Non-Linear Acoustics, Acoustic Emission, or Acousto-Ultrasonics.

A 8-channel version is available in the catalog (ref. AM2P/8 – news)

For more information, please contact Mistras Eurosonic Team.

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